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Engineering and building systems
SPK Lazurnyi
Supplying goods for engineering systems
Electronic manufacturer
Manufacturing of furniture
for your web-site
3d model
Our 3d models increased visitors' interest and attention on our client web-site up to 25%. Read at
Read more about that case in article, written by our client (with high conversion rate approval)
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Interior design program
    Alexander Zaharov
    CEO, «IIS»
    Sergey Skepkov
    CEO, SPK «Lazurnyi»
    amazing 3d models! Great team of professionals.
    Guys have created
    with the quality of models and work. Great balance of price and quality!
    I am very satisfied
    realised correctly and nicely. Highly recommend this team.
    All tasks have been
    Andrew Grygoryev
    Internet Marketer at Gefest
    Engineering and building systems
    to create 3d visualisation and 3d models for catalogue and web-site
    we have created over 66 3d models for catalogue and web-site in one style
    In this case, we did a full cycle from creating 3D models to 3D visualization. To begin with, we collected and analyzed the references, then rendered and rendered 3D models and texturing. Now our satisfied client is actively using it in their catalogs, presentations, as well as creatives for social networks and websites.
    to create 3d visualizations and models for Amazon shop
    We did this work for our good client that wanted to be represented on Amazon and other trading platforms. Showing goods to clients correctly and beautifully is a crucial task in trade, so the client turned to us to create beautiful 3D models and visualization. In this project, we did everything from scratch.
    SPK Lazurnyi
    to create 3d models and visualization for the catalogue
    Our client is a furniture manufacturer. In this case, the client has already developed 3D models. We finalized them, made texturing. After that we took the room and inserted all the furniture models, rendered and now our client uses this in their catalogs, presentations and on the website.

    to create and optimize models for web-service and visualization
    created over 4000 3d models
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