Cosmic Duck Games x ImaginusVR collaboration

In a collaboration, Cosmic Duck Games has teamed up with ImaginusVR to create 63 concept arts for their latest space-themed game, blending narrative depth with visual splendor. Founded by a visionary in the gaming industry, Yevheny Blinov, Cosmic Duck Games is working to release their game on steam platform. The partnership aims to overcome the challenge of translating complex narratives into visually compelling concept arts.

Solar Sails is a space action RPG with adventure elements. Control a pirate ship, plunder the royal navy, launch a scout duck to search for treasures, upgrade your ship with alien technologies, and sail onwards to unveil the darkest secrets of the universe.

ImaginusVR was selected for their expertise in concept and 3D art, distinguished by their portfolio and competitive value. The collaboration was marked by an iterative process of design, emphasizing adaptability and alignment with the game's evolving requirements. The team succeeded in integrating the concept arts seamlessly with the game's storyline and mechanics.

This partnership reflects a significant milestone in game development, showcasing the potential of creative synergy to push the boundaries of storytelling and design. Both teams look forward to future collaborations, building on the success of their current project.

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