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We have created over 120 3D models for education programs in total. 

One of our clients is a start-up focused on product education, based in the USA. They are creating educational materials in 3D format for US universities and schools. Students have a great opportunity to see all illustrations in 3D format. This allows them not only to see the objects but also rotate and look at them from different angles. According to the teachers and educators, it is 40% more effective and engaging than traditional flat 2D images and motivates students to study more, and the results are absolutely incredible.

That’s how US students study the objects

The main advantage of using 3D models in education is that it’s highly interactive and this is why it is very effective. Most students nowadays have a short attention span. Most kids are also visuals, and it’s more convenient for them not only to listen to the teacher or watch drafts, but also discover everything using a visual 3D illustration. The retention of the information learned during these sessions is going through the roof! It is especially crucial if the objects teachers talk about are unreal, do not exist in real life or when people are unable to watch them without using special tools, e.g. planets, cells or bacteria. 

One more example. An electrical scheme is usually demonstrated as a sketch. That is very dull and boring for young minds. We created such models that helped not only to see the real system, but also awakened active interest to learn more about electricity and physics not only among boys, but also girls. Pretty impressive, right!

Вставка, пример схемы обычной картинкой и наша модель.
Текст к вставке:it is more interesting and funny to learn using 3D, isn't it? 

When we see every object in “real life”, it is more interesting, more detailed and more effective for the process of education. Teachers also have a lot of advantages! They can explain more, demonstrate more objects and, this is even more vital, they can really motivate students to be interested in education and science.  

Crucial task was to make all 3D models optimised for web, AR/VR and Sketchfab. It opened the opportunity to watch and study for more students

We also applied PBR modeling (physically based rendering) to make 3D models even more realistic. 
Our specialists did not need any specific plans or schemes from our client. All we needed were just references(photos) from the internet to create super realistic, highly detailed 3D models. 

It was a pretty big challenge for our team, because we almost did not use the polygonal modeling method, because this method of creating high quality graphics demands very modern computers and gadgets. We had a desire to make all 3D models not only very realistic, but also available for all children with different types of computers, browsers etc.    

There were a lot of small or even big challenges along the way, but we were lucky, because our team was really motivated and enthusiastic about it. For example, we have not seen cells in real life or even with a microscope, but we had to create a super realistic 3D model. All objects and models had to be not only realistic, but also scientifically correct. So we have discovered all aspects of the task and did our work really well! Just look at the model below to be sure! 

While we were creating a 3D model of the Sun we went through all details and scientific data to make animation realistic and correct from a scientific point of view.  I think we did a very good job, didn't we?

If you are an educator, or a business owner who is still showing your clients or students hand-written sketches and low-quality two dimensional photos it’s time for you to move forward and show them a better version of you, your products, elevate your brand by adding a bit more high-level graphics under your belt.  

When you give your clients (or students) an opportunity to “touch” your product, rotate it and look at all the tiniest details you are winning the competition game by making the product discovery experience more engaging and emotionally gratifying! 

If you want to provide the best product experience for your clients - let us know. We are here to help! 
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