Why 3d content is important for your business

We've already discussed a bit about 3D content and how it has influenced our clients. If you accidentally missed it, you can read here: “How 3D models help to attract new and loyal customers”

Our clients have been using 3D models and visualizations for a long time instead of photographs and pictures. Check out some of the most interesting cases below. For example, our client Made increased the conversion on the site by 25% using only 3D models.

Or how the manufacturer changed after he started using 3d.

Impressive, isn't it?

Let's take a look and analyze in more detail why 3D content is so important. There are several reasons for this.

3D models are a long-term and profitable strategy

By investing your money in 3D content, you will buy good quality, which will then serve for a long time. You can use 3D models and visualizations everywhere: in catalogs, on websites, in online advertising, printed materials, presentations, and wherever you need to show your product. In addition, people will find you not only by text content, but also by pictures, and this is a very large share in search queries. It's profitable!

3D models and visualizations help to speed up the process of converting interest into purchases

Very often a manufacturer has a product that “has always been felt by hands,” and the illustration cannot convey all the details. Whereas a 3D model is an exact digital copy of a real part or product, and you can show the part from all angles. For some clients, we even suggest using augmented or virtual reality to demonstrate complex products. For example, here's how you can show a motor and its connection in the system for a manufacturer using 3D models and animation.

3D models reinforce other marketing channels

Look at ads on the Internet - which do you like best? A banner with a simple illustration, of which there are millions on the Internet and they are all the same, or a unique banner with a beautiful dynamic 3D model? Likewise, on printed materials, in catalogs and handouts - the higher the quality of the models, the greater the conversion of other advertising channels. This is a synergy of technology and art!

3D models help to educate your clients if you have a complex product

It often happens that a product is very complex and it is difficult to simply explain it in advertising. 3D models in conjunction with animation help to solve this. Our US customers have ordered educational models for school children so that children can learn better with greater visibility! If we can explain to children the evolution of stars, then we will definitely be able to present your product to potential consumers in a high-quality and efficient manner!

Write your questions, or if you don’t know how to use 3D in your business - write the sphere and I’ll tell you!

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