When it is better to replace texts in advertising with 3D models

Everyone who is engaged in marketing, sales, production and trying to navigate in the world of marketing understands that good and high-quality text is the most important content now. We need texts in advertising, creatives, in instructions, on websites and in catalogs.  

We also often intersect with copywriters of the marketing departments of manufacturers, since scripts for animations are texts, advertisements and catalogs are also texts, and so on. Today I want to raise an interesting topic - when is it better to replace the text with a 3D model or visualization. Or it’s even better to combine text with 3d content! 

  1. When you need to show a product, an object, or different parts of an object.

Imagine that you are a manufacturer and you need to enter a new market and you have, for example, 5000 different seals or gas fittings. Of course, you have a good copywriter and she will describe everything in words perfectly, but is it necessary if you can show everything like this? Or for example you, when you choose a laptop for yourself, still want to see it, don’t you? 3D models allow you to see not only externally, but also to see all the details, disassemble and twist it. 

Of course, it's better to see it once than read it 10 times. By showing such beautiful 3D models and visualizations to your clients, you not only save people time, but also form your brand and show that you not only produce goods, but you can also come up with new concepts and be creative in all tasks. The client sees that you are creative, modern and trendy.

2.When you need to show the life scenario of a product, modification, changes.

If you have a new model of the device or it is still planned, and you already want to launch presales and talk about the changes in the new versions - 3D models and visualizations will help you depict all this even if there is no prototype yet. Clients often ask to show the insides of a device so that the buyer can see that there is also high-quality material inside, there is nothing superfluous. You cannot show this with text or even a photograph, whereas on a 3D model we can display all this.

You can read in detail about how manufacturers use 3D models and see examples in my article.

3.You want to show people not only the result, but also the production process.

You want not only for people to see your product, but also focus on the fact that in the production process, at every stage, everything is of high quality and cool, and every single detail is assembled carefully and carefully - this is where text and 3D models will be good. 

It often happens that at the production stage the photos are not very accurate or in the shops it is often difficult to find time to have a good photo session. None of this is needed to create models - everything is done by our specialists according to your drawings and models.
Of course, it is important not to overdo it and do everything organically and competently combine all marketing tools into one ideal picture. 

You can read about some more benefits in my article for manufacturers.

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