What is 3D content and which one is right for you

Today I want to continue the topic and write about what 3D content is and how it is used in different areas.

Of course, there is a mass of content classification, but I will choose for you the most, in my opinion, useful and important for business practitioners, such as my audience and ourselves.

Viral 3D content

This is the most difficult type of content to create, since we know a lot of memes and various viral videos, photos, etc. This type of content is more suitable for experienced advertisers and those who have already tried everything. The purpose of such content is to maximize distribution by the audience itself. For example, we did this for our good client, combining a real photo with a 3D model in the style of a robot. It turned out very cool and the audience was happy. Such a combination of 3D models looks cool in advertising campaigns on social networks and even in posters or printed banners and catalogs.

Perhaps you will be interested to look at the model itself - it is really fascinating.

Expert content

I already wrote about it a little earlier - these are articles, animations, explainers and everything that helps the client from advertising to move to a more conscious understanding of the purchase from you, which means your product, brand, values. Such content not only answers the buyer why to buy your product, but also forms the beginning of the perception of your company as a brand of professionals and masters of their craft.

Also, when the product is very complex, animation and explainer help in this type of content. For example, we talked about the boat.

Selling content is the most favorite type of content for producers and businessmen, but you and I understand that it is not so easy to sell without the first, and to be honest, even impossible. Selling content is examples of your product, ad banners and catalogs, and everything where you write the price and description of the product. Here 3D models play a very important role, since we all know that it is better to see once than hear 100 times.

For example, here's how we showed one of our clients at Amazon.

If you want to present your product with the same quality - write to me and I will show you how to do it quickly, efficiently and not for all the money in the world.

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