A quest game can be much more interesting if you add augmented reality to it!

A quest game can be much more interesting if you add augmented reality to it! You were convinced of this when you had seen the example of Slimer from the Ghostbusters quest room in Odessa.   

Today we present you with an augmented reality case for the gaming and entertainment industry - Kim Jong-un  

The client approached us with the idea of ​​creating virtual and augmented reality in a new quest, as he wanted to make the game more active, modern and innovative. Our team is always happy to generate new ideas and offer innovative solutions, so we got down to business and started by analyzing the quest map and the scenario of the game itself.

We found a good place to apply our technologies and chose the most successful part of the game for this.

Imagine that you are now in the quest room and there is a safe with a combination lock in front of you. You need to find 6 digits of the code! While you are thinking, we will tell you how we made the hint, and you try to guess what numbers you had to enter.

For the point, we chose the popular character Kim Jong-un  and completely made different variations of Kim's 3d model in 6 versions. These were 6 different markers that we scattered around the quest room. And when the client approached the marker and pointed the tablet at the points, our character appeared and showed some poses, including changing the position of the hands.

You probably guessed that the number of fingers on each of the models was the code for the safe and chest.

Of course, we do not forget to talk about the technical side and some of the challenges that our team faced while working on such a game. In general, the process was similar to the one we did with Slimer.

At the same time, we made Kim just as super realistic and visually interesting. Augmented reality was created in the Unity3D game engine.
See how it all turned out and imagine it in the quest room and in AR! We are sure you liked such a version of Kim Jong-un ! :)

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