3 key-points that 3D ads will reach your potential client

I have already paid a lot of attention to how 3D advertising brings loyal customers to your business and how 3D content affects sales and buyers, and today I want to discuss what qualities 3D content should have (3D advertising banner or 3D model, 3D visualization), to represent you and your product at the highest level and quality.  
If you suddenly have missed the previous articles - be sure to read them - they will help you get acquainted with 3D content in more detail and why it is so important for your business.

Firstly, it should be noted right away that the materials that I write for you are a universal description of what we usually do, but you might think that your marketing department is saying and doing something wrong if it’s not the same, that I’m writing about. It is not always so. 

As a rule, our clients, especially manufacturers, have good marketers and they make a good brand development strategy, while we deal with 3D content separately, which complements your marketing department and does not come into conflict with it. We work with large projects and easily integrate with marketing departments. Therefore, what is in this article is rather as it should be in order to be of the highest quality than competitors, and if you do not have this yet, it's okay.

Write to me or in a comment and we will definitely help you.

So what characteristics should have really good  3D content?

Relevant and new.

Everyone is accustomed to the same banners and posters that wander from one advertising campaign to another, and I have already written that there is such a scientific concept as “advertising blindness” and clients simply do not see such advertising. But we cannot make an advertising creative just to make it different, we need to always make sure that the client learns from our model or visualization a little more about the product, maybe even about the business sector, etc. Then he will not only notice, but will show interest, which will already reduce the cost of the client’s acquisition (CAC) and increase the conversion.

For example, here's how it happened with our client - the conversion increased by 25% only thanks to the 3D models that we made.

Content should be simple to understand. 
We all understand that very often manufacturers have very complex production systems and the product itself often consists of several sub-projects, and technological systems can confuse someone who is not very strong in your niche. But often, decision makers are, for example, financiers or brokers and they may need your product, have money, but not understand the complexity of the product. That is why content should be as accessible as possible to a wide audience, especially at the stages of primary interest and at the beginning of your sales funnel.

Here, 3D models and visualizations can be very useful, since they will help to present your product to a potential audience in the most accessible way, plus expand it, demonstrating all the advantages and qualities.

Useful for people. 

We always try to bring not only beauty, but also benefit, and therefore often with 3D models and visualizations, clients ask to make explainers, tutorials and the like, so that in the next stages our super quality of work will influence potential customers. For example, here's how you can do product presentation using visualization.  

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