Supercomputer Heroes: How AI Fights Cyber ​​Threats and Protects Us in the Virtual World!

In today's world, we all spend a lot of time in the virtual realm, and it's not just for entertainment. Banks, governments, and many other organizations store our personal data online, making us vulnerable to cyber threats. However, thanks to artificial intelligence (AI), our protection in the virtual world is becoming increasingly robust.

Today, companies around the world are investing millions of dollars in creating AI algorithms that can detect threats and protect our data. These algorithms use machine learning to quickly analyze vast amounts of information and look for signs of cyber threats.

One of the most effective methods of combating cyber threats is the use of "whitelists" or "blacklists." Artificial intelligence can scan every file on your computer and determine whether it is safe or contains threats to your system. This allows AI to block access to potentially dangerous files and programs.

But AI not only prevents threats, but also learns to defend against new ones. Machine learning algorithms can analyze data on cyber attacks and use it to create more effective methods of combating future threats. This means that AI can identify vulnerabilities and close them even before a malicious actor can exploit them.

Thus, thanks to artificial intelligence, our personal data and valuables are protected in the virtual world. Now we can use the internet with peace of mind, knowing that AI is fighting for us on the other side of the screen!
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