How 3D models help you to attract loyal customers

In modern marketing, managers and marketing departments have to generate a lot of ideas every time and try to stand out. Competitors do not sleep, so they, like you, are fighting for the attention and interest of the client, for his money. Content marketing is a direction of marketing that leads the customer by creating interesting, useful and beautiful content that creates a good attitude, loyalty in the potential customer, and ultimately increases purchases and profits.

All of us are watching the development of the Internet and remember that even sites once looked different from what they are now. For example, this is how Apple's website looked in the 90s. Now it is difficult to imagine that a site would look like this and customers would hardly buy with such pictures.
The same thing happens with pictures and illustrations of your products on websites. Often people take very low-quality photos with shooting dates, poor lighting, etc. Of course, customers won't buy such items now.

In my previous article, I showed how the presentations of manufacturers are changing, well, for example, see for yourself which option is better - a photo (even if it is of high quality) and a 3D model.
Photo of our client ISS before working with us:

3d model that we made:

Now imagine that the client chooses on your website or in the catalog. What will he like more? Of course, beautiful 3D models, which, by the way, are much easier to insert in websites, catalogs, and advertising on Facebook or targeting ads. They can be done on different backgrounds and they will look great both in the catalog and on the website (in white and dark themes, which is very important now), and on the phone, and on large screens.

Why is it so important to make good quality 3D content?

1. 3d content helps to build trust 

We all know that we always are met by clothes - and in the same way online, on the website or in advertising creatives. People can no longer trust those who post old, low-quality photos, as this in a certain way shows the attitude towards the product, the buyer. And, on the contrary, when a person sees a good, high-quality 3D model that shows all sides of the product in different colors, the client understands that it is important for you to be comfortable and creative, and this is attractive. Even a very rational buyer understands that you have invested your money in quality content, which means that you know how to plan, you have money and you should be trusted.

For example, a simple security seal may look like candy, and with this quality our client will conquer the EU market.

2. 3d models bring loyal traffic to your website

Yes, content is very important, and we all know that especially when it comes to visual industries, where it is important to see and “touch”, customers often search for images on Google. And here good 3D models help a lot, since against the background of others you will look very impressive and people will come to your site for traffic that you do not need to pay for.

Which chair would you choose from the photo?


3d model for our client from Israel.
A rhetorical question, isn’t it? :) 3D models will attract new clients to you from search engines!

3. In banner ads, your competitors will lose to you!

The use of 3D models in advertising will significantly increase conversions and reduce the cost of attracting one client from paid traffic.

An example of our client, how 3D models increased conversion by 25%, can be found in the article.
Write if you are interested in such content and if you are using 3D models now.  

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