Advantages of using 3D visualization and why it is important for your business.

I was surprised to find out that not every business is using 3D visualization in the 21st century and this fact really confuses me!

There are so many great things you can do with 3D! There are also a lot of advantages for your business you miss when you don't use 3D!

Why? Let's figure this out together.

Here are the main examples and advantages of using 3D content for products direction and 3D picture renders of products. Perfect for furniture manufacturers, electronic products, jewelry, engineering, education, you name it.

1. Speed of the idea implementation

When you have an idea for a new product or a new vision of a product, you want it to come true as soon as possible! You want to test it, show it to your customers and your team.

Let's imagine, that you are a microphone manufacturing company. You have a new idea about how to market this product: you want to show it in different colors, use different angles, so your customers can fall in love with your new mic and start ordering it or give you feedback before you start the mass manufacturing process.

There is one way of doing it:
  • Organize a photo shoot with a professional photographer, 
  • Rent a photo studio with a ton of special equipment. 
It's good if you have a model of the mic. It is small, so you don't need a big car and delivery guys to send it to the photo studio. But imagine if it is something bigger. For example, furniture.
Also, what if the photographs of the product turn out not good enough? Or your head of marketing doesn’t like the way the product was presented? Your team has to organize another photoshoot all over again until everyone is happy with the result. This process can take few weeks or even months. This happened to our clients so many times.

Another way of doing it:
  • Create requirements and give a task to a professional 3D team
  • Receive 3D models via email/link
  • Give feedback
  • Get final models ready to use for all promotional materials.
If you or your team don't like the images, the 3D team can change them easily, so the speed of your idea implementation increases significantly.

2. Changing ideas, colors of your products

What if you don't have a physical item for a photoshoot, but you think that 3 new colors of the same product will increase sales?

This can be achieved easily through 3D visualization. Just imagine! You assume that adding 3 new colors will increase your sales. Or you want to add a new product to your existing product line.

Here is one way to create it in real life.
  • Prepare and give a task to the manufacturer;
  • They need to buy new paint, prepare robots to paint it;
  • Paint new products in a new color;
  • Wait until the sample is ready;
  • Your team has to organize a photoshoot.
  • Wait for the retouched images;
  • Upload the images to your website or product presentation;

Another way:
  • Send your requirements to a professional 3D team and get results in 1-2 days.
The second option sounds way better, don’t you think so? This is just the beginning!

3. Cost efficiency, workforce, time. Validating ideas before creating a product

You should have guessed already that 3D makes your life easier and helps you optimize your costs.

Everybody should do what they are good at and when a business can optimize time, workforce, costs by using professional 3D content this business usually outperforms its competition by focusing on its core tasks.

And what about your ideas before you create a physical product. How will you know, that your customer is going to buy your product before you make it?

The answer is 3D visualization! This kind of test will cost you way less than creating a real product sample and then trying to sell it!

4. Do something incredible. Show your clients something, that you cannot show in real life. Product visualization part by part.

The cherry on the cake, of course, is that 3D visualizations help you showcase incredible things, that you cannot show on a real photograph or a product.

Just imagine, that you need to show your microphone flying in the air on a very deep red/black background, and the sound coming from the mic must be visualized on the picture as well or you show the insides of your complex engineering equipment to demonstrate how it is different from the competitors.

You can try achieving it in a regular photoshoot. You can create lighting with special equipment, you can throw a mic in the air, take a photo at the right time and then draw something in Photoshop. You can disassemble your equipment, take pictures, use Photoshop. Well, good luck with that!

What if you have dozens, hundreds of products to showcase? How long it will take you to create really good images? Especially if you need to show something extraordinary about your products, create captivating promo materials to entice your customers.

And let’s be real: you cannot show a product part by part inside this very same product.
But you can do it in 3D visualization, and it will look real!

I also want to mention the importance of creating good content for your clients. How can you increase the conversion of the leads? How can you increase your customers’ loyalty? Definitely through a professional product visualization!

I will share more about 3D visualization in my next articles because 3D visualization is used in many different ways. For example, 3D animation; a model inside a website, so your client can see your product from different angles (360); a configurator, where your client selects a color, type of a product, etc.

Ask yourself: "What my client will see next? What my client will think about my company and my brand?". If it is a good visual of your products with a great design and features, then it is a good product and the brand they can trust. Showcasing your products in the most attractive way will lead them to buy your products and become your loyal customers.

Stay tuned for more insights on 3D visualization, Virtual Reality, and Augmented Reality!
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